INAMOCOM was founded in 1997 by businessmen disposing of long-standing experience and world-wide connections in the aftermarket
of the automotive industry.

The objective of the company  is to take advantage of  this
competence to create joint ventures with promising manufacturers
car parts all over the world, especially in emerging countries with
low labour costs. By contributing its technical, managing and marketing skills as well as its financial resources,
INAMOCOM helps these companies to establish and maintain themselves on the market.

As a rule,
INAMOCOM wants the local owners and managers to
assume full responsibility for the conduct of business and therefore
it restricts its share-holding to minority interests and a role of senior advisor.

The consulting services of
INAMACOM are also available to third parties.

“The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our success”

If you are interested in becoming a business partner of
INAMOCOM, please let us know what services you need or what
you manufacture, where you are located and what kind of co-
operation you are thinking of.
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CH-6304 Zug
Phone +41 41 740 15 11
Fax +41 41 740 05 05